Pelletizer Knife

Reliable Provider

Reliable Extruder Cutter Knife provider

  • Dedicated to manufacturing industrial knife for last 3 decades.
  • Plenty of successful reference at PE/PP industry with major Korean
    customers since 1992.
  • Capability of integration of material procurement, design, manufacturing
    and quality control.

Order Made

Meet every customer’s requirements


Reliable manufacturing technology

  • Mostly automated manufacturing system.
  • Unique patented brazing technology, keystone of manufacturing system.
  • Manufacturing capacity over 7,000 EA / Year.

Q.A Policy

Reliable Extruder Cutter Knife provider

  • QA inspections with various devices (XFR, Microscope,
    UT tester, Hardness tester, Thermo-graphic camera, etc.)
    help identify defections and process anomalies.

NDT Testing XRF inspection

XRF inspection

XRF X-ray fluorescence analyzer is designed to perform identification and analysis of elements contained within test samples.
From new product development to quality control, X-ray inspection saves time and money throughout the product life cycle. It helps identifying material composition and find appropriate materials if available.

Microscope Testing

Evaluation of materials/items

In order to supply high quality products, we are conducting various tests before/after delivery., if needed.

Thermography Testing

Thermo Imaging Camera

In case of special request, we can conduct thermography test to verify the equipment performance and
analysis current status of customer site.

Trouble Analysis

Trouble case analysis btw Die Plate and Knives

DHPMC can support and provide reasonable approach regarding various troubles between knives and
Die plate operation in Polyolefins industry.