Screen Mesh

Reliable Provider

Reliable screen mesh provider

  • The quality of the screen mesh depends on raw material condition. Dirty screen mesh and incorrect optimization of the screen-printing machine can make a trouble such as pool line resolution.
  • In most cases, the cleaning of the screen mesh is inadequate, the paste cannot pass through the mesh openings and the printed pattern will have a discontinuous line with a sawtooth edge.
  • Above reasons, the screen-printing machine should be optimized and the screen mesh must be clean. Our raw materials are produced in dust free, and highly precise weaving machines. Therefore, we use highest quality raw materials for our products.
  • When combined with our comprehensive quality control procedures, we can guarantee the highest levels of quality, clenliness and freedom from defects.

Order Made

Meet every customer’s requirements

  • For more than 30 years, DHPMC has experienced to support every requirements of polymer production process and ready to meet customers needs they face.
  • DHPMC applies the proven technologies to maximize reliability, provide rapid response and develop innovations needed for Petro-chemical industries.
  • DHPMC successfully develops and produces highly diverse screen mesh. Alongside the ever increasing demand and technological process, we continuously develop our production system.
  • Our screen mesh is produced according to customer’s very own requirements, from planning through to manufacturing and delivery customized to customer’s very own areas of application

DHPMC has developed a broad range of solutions
with proven application success:

  • Square type
  • Round type
  • Circular type
  • Curved type
  • Pillar type
  • Cup type
  • Cartridge type


Cut and welded right here in DHPMC

  • Based on many years of experiences in practice, we offer a selection of standard products developed to meet the requirements of a wide range of Petro-chemical industry.
  • DHPMC has various product line-up for screen mesh in accordance with customer’s specifications and ensure highest quality throughout the production.
  • All raw materials of screen mesh cut and welded right here in DHPMC. Skilled and experienced staffs, test jigs developed in-house and stringent quality control procedures guarantee the highest quality standards

Q.A Policy

ISO 9001 / ISO 14001

  • The quality, safety and environmental management systems at DHPMC are implemented and certified on a process-oriented basis according to the latest ISO 9001:2015.
  • All DHPMC screen mesh products are manufactured according to the international standard. In addition, when needed, specific quality and supply agreements can be made.
  • Whatever the case, the quality that has been agreed with the customer is systematically controlled and documented by DHPMC.